Eberhart Marketing Tip of the Week!

What Makes A Logo Special?
By Justin Eberhart

How valuable do you think a great logo is?

Most business owners pay too little attention to the design of their logo. Do not go cheap or make it yourself.​

Understand that logo's need to endure over time, because some of the most memorable logo's are the most simplistic. so get out there and pay your designer, tell them it should be simple but also be a reflection of you. It should leave no doubt that when people see it they know it's You - Your Brand - Your Business.

Eberhart Marketing Provides.

​ A custom solution to each individual clients needs for services.   
The tools of my trade are Print adds, TV, & Radio Commercials, Advertisements, Marketing for a Brand or Person, U-tube Commercials, Network Marketing ( I have a distributorship with Scent Sations Featuring Mia Bella Products.) Social Media Marketing.  I also develop/create websites for clients and maintain them.
I will meet with my clients at their place of business or via phone.
Network Marketing Info

Check out these links to review my network marketing business. Follow in order.

1. http://www.explorefreedom.com/wholetruth/direct_BC 

2. http://www.miabellanation.com note: use department code #865

3. http://www.mbn.scent-team.com/videopresentation.php

4. http://www.em.scent-team.com 

After reviewing link #1 I was inspired to become a independent distributor of Scent Sations. I am well pleased that I made that decision. This July will be a year and I could not have made a better choice, it is true that there is a scent for every nose, and the money has followed.  
I provide value to my clients. Lets discuss how I can do this for You!!! 

C.E.O. Justin Eberhart
Below I will feature a network marketing pro who will give you a valuable insight on how to be  successful in our industry.